What Our Clients Say

Jim Sliney

I’ve worked with Surabhi for over 4 years, and without fail she does the things good writers do:
she is meticulous with references, bringing authority to the writing; she incorporates the
experiences of others to bring diverse perspectives into subjects; she subtly instructs; and her
tone and approach, adjust with her audience; and like all the best writers, she’s an excellent

Jim Sliney, Jr., Chief Patient Officer, Patients Rising

I first met Surabhi when she was the Managing Editor at AJMC, and she was incredibly helpful
and supportive to me and my team as we began to publish articles about our work in young adult
cancer and financial toxicity. She gave us invaluable guidance, asked thought-provoking
questions, and helped us develop the skills and confidence to write about topics that few people had previously tackled. Several years later, our small nonprofit organization was looking for a consultant to help us seek out grants and other opportunities, and Surabhi was the obvious
choice. She was always thoughtful, prompt, professional, and productive and all of us not only
enjoyed working with her, but also continued to learn from her. She is a gem.”

Samantha Watson, MBA, Founder, Samfund
Rachel Westlake headshot

I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Surabhi on several projects, and every time has been a wonderful experience. Her consistent dedication to projects, whether it’s creating an open-source community or authoring health care guidance material, is impressive. Her writing is
excellent, and her contributions are insightful. She receives feedback well and is adaptable, always keeping the larger purpose in mind. She’s a reliable, collaborative team member. Surabhi has an empathetic and patient-centered approach when it comes to working in health care communities. She elevates the quality of every project she’s involved in – I can’t recommend her enough.

Rachel Westlake, BCPA, Cycadian Health Advocacy

I can’t say enough good things about Surabhi. She is a consummate professional, bringing her depth and breadth of experience and knowledge to every project she works on. She was an
invaluable part of my leadership team at the Colon Cancer Foundation. Her work contributed directly to the expanded name recognition of the Foundation in the colorectal cancer space. She
is a team player and also an exceptional mentor to those she works with, including interns and staff. She would make a great addition to any team in the public health space.”

Cindy Borassi, Past President, Colon Cancer Foundation